Vitor Literary Agency is fully committed to representing Nenad Gajić and his literary works. Nenad Gajić is, by terms of contract, the only client of Vitor through 2021, with plans thereafter to add one new, carefully chosen, author each year, thoughtfully broadening the scope and range of our offered literature.

Mission and Vision

The Mission of Vitor is to seek out and engage the most ideal candidates for the translation and publishing of Slavic Mythology and the Tale of Tales series in as many languages of the world as possible. Our vision is to achieve the widest possible circulation of these books, making them available to readers the world over.

Literary Agents

Contact Vitor if you are interested in becoming an agent and mediator in the sale of book rights for a market with which you are familiar. As a literary agent, you will have the possibility to earn an official percentage (15% of the contracted income of the author) for contracts successfully negotiated with foreign publishers.

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Nenad Gajić (1974) is the author of a bestseller Slavic Mythology, a comprehensive illustrated encyclopedic-type book published by Laguna in 2011, which is closing to a successful first decade with a new edition being issued each year, and the fantasy trilogy Tale of Tales, based on the motifs of Serbian folk epics, the first two books of the trilogy also published by the major Serbian publisher Laguna, which was recognized for International Excellence at the London Book Fair of 2016 (runner-up in the Adult Publisher of the Year category). Tale of Tales: A Shadow in the Dark, was released in 2013 and followed by the second book, Tale of Tales: The Two Kings, in 2016. The final Tale of Tales: The Third Night , is scheduled for the 2020 release by Laguna.
Complete edition was announced for 2021, as well as a special ed. of Slavic Mythology.

The book site of Slavic Mythology is located at:
Author's web site:

Before embarking on a career in writing, Nenad Gajić's restless nature led him to try many things: for years, he toured as a musician (guitarist, lead singer, and song-writer of a band with which he released two albums), before trying his hand as a banker, manager, entrepreneur, computer equipment manufacturer, award-winning programmer, TV show director, and as an author of card and board games… He has visited Mount Athos and traveled Europe and the world from Moscow to Jerusalem in search of new knowledge. He graduated in Kragujevac, earned his masters in Belgrade, and received his doctorate in Novi Sad (Serbia). He has published, among other scientific articles, works on the renowned scientists Mihajlo Pupin and Milutin Milanković. He considers writing to be his true profession and way of life, and science his favorite hobby. He still keeps a packed suitcase beside his bed, to remain ready for new adventures.

Author on the Laguna website: visit here

Translations status


The percentages are based on four books by Nenad Gajić, 25% each, for a total of 100% of translations. One language often covers more than one territory for the sale of rights.











Blic, Culture, what I read: "Tale of Tales". I really liked this novel by Nenad Gajić, the author of "Slavic Mythology". Riddles, mysteries, fights and surprising twists are intertwined in it.

Viktor Savić
"Tale of Tales" is a book intended for adults, but it is not only for adults. Reading it, I felt like a child, in a mysterious world like the movie Labyrinth with David Bowie. In short – I love it.
Željka Milošević
Harpist - Playade

"Tale of Tales - A Shadow in the Dark" is a very beautiful book. As I read it, I remembered my grandmother telling me fairy tales that no one was able to surpass. My grandmother is long gone, all that is left is the memory of her and the wonderful evenings by the stove and beautiful folk tales. And here, Nenad Gajić gifted me one such tale, after what seems like a thousand years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Nenad Stošić
Reader on the publishers website

"Slavic Mythology" is a fantastic book in story and picture. My whole family read it, and my 11-year-old son was especially delighted. He was presented with a lot of information about Slavic mythology in one place, and we adults also learned where many of our sayings and ancient customs come from.

Senka Avramović
Reader on the publishers website

"Tale of Tales - The Two Kings" is a long-awaited sequel to one of the best books I have read in the last few years.

Nikola Tasić
Reader on the publishers website
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